Posted by: Renai Rangers | November 18, 2008

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #1

This week’s question: What are the Top 3 items on your Holiday Wish List?


Misa said:
1. Rocking Horse Shoes
2. Inflatable Furniture or a jukebox
3. Anime dvds (especially Silent Mobius, Hellsing Ultimate, and Shakugan no Shana)

Kitt said:
1. Yesung (joking but not really XD;; )
2. Xbox360
3. A Karaoke Machine >:D

Osaka said:
1. Camera
2. iPod
3. CD’s

Sakura said:
1. Laptop Computer
2. Death Note box set
3. Evangelion box set

Kaylin said:
1. A new bedding for my room becuase it’s too childish D:
2. convention monies 😀
3. A new laptop to replace my broken one Dx

Piro said:
1. Dress Mannequin
2. Inline Roller blades
3. Inline Roller blade gear (backpack, wheels, equipment.. etc. ^_^

Michelle said:
1. Bella’s bracelet from Twilight.
2. Anything Twilight at that.
3. Anything Tinkerbell


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