Posted by: Renai Rangers | December 2, 2008

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #2

Sorry for the delay! All of the Rangers were busy with the holidays last week, but we’ll have an extra question this week to make up for it! ♥

This Week’s Question: What’s one thing in particular you find funny about any other member of the Renai Rangers?

Misa said: I find it funny how easily Kit gets freaked out about things! Especially boys! And the Asian Tranny Mask!!! XD But I also love Sakura’s Shin-chan impression!

Kitt said: How Sakura gets blushy and defensive whenever people call her skinny!

Osaka said: The way Misa parks.

Sakura said: I find Misa’s sneezing funny X3 (in a cute way, of course! Not a mean one >w>)

Kaylin said: I find it hilarious how obsessed with Twilight Michelle is XD

Piro said: I find it hilarious when Jennifer and Misa poke each other in the boobs in restaurants.


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