Posted by: Renai Rangers | December 2, 2008

Yule-Con Mini-Debut

We are super-excited to announce that special unit Yatta! will be performing a song in the cosplay contest at Yule-Con, an anime and gaming convention in Fort Worth this weekend. The contest is on Saturday evening, so please come and cheer us on! For more information about the convention, you can visit the official site at

Members involved with this special project are Misa, Kit, and Sakura! All of us have worked very hard to prepare, and soldiered through many setbacks and challenges on the way, but we’re still working hard to make sure everything is amazing, and we are ecstatic to finally reach performance time! We greatly appreciate the support and encouragement of all our friends and fans! The song we’re doing is super-secret, so if you want to know you’ll have to come to the cosplay contest. ♥

Please note that this is just our mini-debut with a few of our members, and a group-wide debut will take place early next year! So look forward to it!! ♥

Bai Q!!!


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