Posted by: Renai Rangers | December 9, 2008

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #3

This week’s question: What is your favorite Hello!Project costume and why?

Misa said: I love the Rainbow Pink costumes, because they’re completely flashy and over the top, and adorable!! I love all the frills and fluffiness and sparkles! ❤ But I also love the Aisucream bunny suits, because everyone knows Misa can’t pass up a bunny suit…..^o~

Kitt said: My favorite would have to be Nachukoi Wo Yatteru YOU KNOW? costumes! Because they look so sporty and shiny. I totally want Chinami’s costume! ^^

Osaka said: The Edo no Temari costumes! They are cute!

Sakura said: Let’s see… I think I like the costumes from Kanashimi Twilight best; just because they are like modern-yanki school uniforms! ❤ But I also adore V-U-Den’s bunny costumes from AIsucreme… because they are cute XD and all playboy-y!

Kaylin: The Rottara Rotta outfits because they remind me of Minnie Mouse! Plus I love polka dots

Piro said: My fav Hello! Pro was the red super hero costumes Momuse wears in one of their live shows where they sing Hand Made City. One, it was worn to one of my favorite songs and two, they’re just super cool even though I dont really like the color red.


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