Posted by: Renai Rangers | January 6, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question Special Edition #1!

Hi hi!! As promised, the Renai Rangers will be posting extra questions to make up for the lack of blog-attention over the holidays! So you can expect a new blog question every day this week until Friday! Here’s the first one!! ♥

Today’s Question: If you could change your name to anything, excluding your current stage name, what would it be and why?!

Misa said: That’s a hard one!! It would be a touch choice between the names Reira, Arina, and Anastasia! Reira because it’s so unique, lyrical and pretty (and I’m a Nana-freak), and Arina and Anastasia because I love Russian names, names that start with vowels, and names that lots of nicknames could come from! ♥

Osaka said: Bruce. The reason is classified!

Kitt said: I guess maybe I’d change my name to Topaz. I have wanted to since I was little because it’s a pretty gem and a cool name. XD

Sakura said:  If my name could be ANYTHING; I would want it to be Justice. XD not only is it a reference to both Death Note and an obscure ecchi-comedy called Doujin Work; but it is more than a name–it is an ideal! Kind of like a lab coat; only you can bathe in it and people not think you’re weird. They’ll just be all, “hey; it’s Justice taking a shower. Because that’s normal.”

Piro said: I’d change my name to Magdelene. You can create lots of nicknames from it and it’s a name I’ve always loved. 

Kaylin said: Emilia. It’s just a name I always admired! :3

Eri said:  “Christina”, which was my great grandma (from Sweden)’s name and, according to my mom, the other choice for my actual name.


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