Posted by: Renai Rangers | January 8, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Question Special Edition #2

The catch-up game continues!! ♥

Today’s question:  Who inspires you musically, outside of Hello!Project?

Misa said: Tomoko Kawase (aka Tommy Heavenly6) because she’s epically cool and she’s had no less than 3 radically different music careers; ShiinaRingo for similar reasons; Shirley Manson for being a badass ginger frontwoman; Yoko Kanno for being a complete genius and Aimee Allen for being totally hardcore and standing up for feminism and libertarianism!! As far as bands go, I’m inspired by Dir en Grey, Muramasa, Queen, Vidoll, and Gollbetty.

Osaka said:Arashi because a-ra-shi a-ra-shi for dream.

Kitt said: I would have to say in regards to someone famous, Shuichi Miyamoto. His voice is so gorgeous and even though he isn’t the most popular song artist, he still does his best and continues with the few fans he has.

Sakura said: Musically outside of HP I am inspired by the Beatles, Abington boys school, and whatever various anime or game theme song catches my attention at the moment with spiffy lyrics and a cool beat. I like sad songs, but also rocking songs and crack-tastic ones–Dokoro-chan opening theme = ❤

Piro said: I’m really a big fan of Tommy February6 and Hitomi Takahashi

Kaylin said:  Takanori Nishikawa! >D

Eri said:  Michelle Branch (who hasn’t had a big song since before I got into Hello!Project 5 years ago).


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