Posted by: Renai Rangers | January 8, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Question Special Edition #3

Today’s question: What’s your theme song?

Misa said: I have several (as always ^^;;;)! “Oh Tara” by the Knack is the song I’m named after! But also “Selfish Girl!!!” by Muramasa, “GIMME ALL OF YOUR LOVE” and “Pray” by Tommy Heavenly6, “Lucy” by Anna Tsuchiya and “Kimi to Iu Hana” by Asian Kung Fu Generation. 

Osaka said: “Happiness” by Arashi.

Kitt said: “Little Kitty Mine” by Nini.

Sakura said: Sounds like it would be something creepy and maybe poorly written XD But I guess ‘Hello’ from Evanescance is something I always chose… (fu fu?)

Piro said: Weekend Warrior by Anberlin It’s a song all about how you don’t really hang out until the weekend and thats really true for my case.

Kaylin said: “Grace Kelly” by MIKA

Eri said: “Go Girl~Koi no Victory”, especially after the pv. The song is very upbeat and perky but I like how shy they’re acting in the pv while saying “suki”.


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