Posted by: Renai Rangers | January 22, 2009

Official Announcement: Member Termination

The Renai Rangers regret to inform you that First Generation member Piro has been removed from the group due to rules violations and general misconduct. Piro continuously displayed an attitude towards other members and the group as a whole that was consedered completely inappropriate for a Renai Ranger, and while the situation is regrettable it was also unavoidable.

While we are a very easy going and light-hearted group in general, the Renai Rangers have a very strict stance on member relations and respect and consideration within the group. We are all sad to have lost one of the original members of the group, but we feel that it was for the best.

Regardless, the remaining members of the Renai Rangers are still going strong! Please continue supporting us, even as hardships come and go!


Leader and Sub-Leaders,

Misa, Kitt, and Osaka


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