Posted by: Renai Rangers | January 29, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #6

This week’s question:  What song always cheers you up when you’re feeling blue?

Misa said: Singing always cheers me up, so I love showtunes (usually from Wicked or Rent)! But completely ridiculous songs like “Boats’n’Hoes”, “Age Age Every Night”, “Lemmiwinks”, and “America: F*CK Yeah!!!” always cheer me up too!! And listening to angry music (Dir en Grey ftw!!) helps me channel my sadness into rage, which I think is more productive, so that’s cool too!

Osaka said: Mhh…..lots of Arashi songs!

Kitt said: Strawberry Sex by Ken Hirai.

Sakura said: A song that always cheers me up? I like to listen to DARK stuff when I’m upset! XD Like Rammstein, or classical ‘tragedy’ themes. Or old-school Gazette. I dunno! Listening to hardcore dark things helps me think of what I can do to change it constructively. Listening to cute or happy songs just make things annoying when I am down.

Eri said: Recently, “Dancing! Natsu Matsuri”.

Kaylin said:  Either Howling by abingdon boys school or anything by Michael Buble :3


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