Posted by: Renai Rangers | February 9, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #7

This week’s question: What PV are you most looking forward to making with the group?

Misa said: I’m really looking forward to Resonant Blue and Happy Summer Wedding!!! Resonant Blue because I have a really exciting and unique idea for the video, and Happy Summer Wedding because I can’t wait to go all-out Bollywood!

Osaka said: Happy Summer Wedding, Arashi, and Super Junior!

Kitt said: Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger and Pajama Party.

Sakura said: I  am looking forward to any PV, they all sound fun XD and the Renai Dramas too!

Kaylin said: Pepper Keibu! ❤ I love the costumes!


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