Posted by: Renai Rangers | February 21, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #9

This week’s question: If the Renai Rangers could do a production of any play or musical, what would you want to do?

Misa said: So many choices!!!! Rent would be epic (although a couple of our members are too sheltered/conservative to do it! XD), but Les Miserables or the Rocky Horror Show (musical, not movie!!) would also be amazing. My top pick would have to go to the Sailor Moon musicals (Sera Myu) though! I call Usagi!!! >o<

Osaka said: Cats XD

Kitt said: Wicked! XD or um that one about the girls school? :O;;;

Sakura said: I would LOVE the rangers to do a production of the Bleach Musical!!! XD that, or Avenue Q. We could pull it off. With a lot of duct tape.

Kaylin said: Chicago or Hairspray!

Zonbi said: Chicago!

Eri: “Ribon no Kishi”, like Morning Musume di! Alas, I think given my location i’m required by law to say “Oklahoma as well. And the Bleach musicals! Those x1000!!

Michi: Chicago!


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