Posted by: Renai Rangers | April 14, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #16

This week’s question: A-Kon (an epic anime convention in Texas) is coming up soon! Are you planning any cosplays? If so, what are you especially excited about?! If not, what about A-Kon are you psyched about?

Misa said: I’m excited about all of my cosplays! I’m doing too many to list all of them, but I’m especially excited about doing Seras Victoria from Hellsing, because I’ve been planning to do her forever, and also Amber from Darker than Black because DtB gets no love!! I’m also psyched about doing C.C. from Code Geass and Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni because the costumes are so gorgeous! It will be a weekend of green hair! XD

Kitt said: I’ll be cosplaying Sunao Fujimori(Sukisyo) with my friend Sakura I’m very excited about this one!

Eri said:I’m planning to wear my Momo Hinamori(Bleach) costume, which seems to get worn at about every convention nowadays.  I’m also going to wear my Berryz Kobo(Risako) “Kouhaku no Funsui Hiroba” outfit for the first time.  I worked on it in bits for about 8 months or so and it’s finally completed so time to wear it 🙂

Kaylin said: I have four cosplays planned! Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Black Star from Soul Eater, Maki from Darker Than Black (if I can make it on friday), and a super secret original design version of Akito from Air Gear!! ❤ I’m really excited about our Soul Eater walk ons because it’ll be so epic!



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