Posted by: Renai Rangers | April 20, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question #17 + Special Message from Sakura!

This week’s question: Since Sakura is graduating from
group, do you have any well-wishes or messages for her?

Misa said: We’ll miss you Sakura! You’ve been with us from the beginning, and you were a big help in starting the group. You’ve been a real trouper throughout everything, and I’ll never forget our first performance as a group! I hope you have a great life, and I know you’ll succeed at whatever you set your mind to! You’re a talented and amazing person, so you’ll fly high! ❤ And we’ll always be friends! You’ll always be a Renai Ranger to us!!

Osaka said: Even if we do stuff we don’t like we look cool It’s fine as long as we do what we have to right? It’s fine if we just carry our dreams right?
A-RA-SHI! A-RA-SHI!! For dream!!!!

Kitt said: I”ll miss you… *sneef* HAHA JK! I love ya Saku! it was lotsa fun!!

Eri said: I want Sakura to know that I really enjoyed having her in the group and I appreciate all the work she’s done with us!  She wasn’t the loudest or most outgoing girl in the group but she made her own role and was already ready to help make someone smile.  I wish her luck in finding her ultimate goal in life and putting all her heart and soul into achieving it.  Ganbatte Sakura-chan!  Mata ne!

Kaylin said:I wish I could have gotten to know you better! But it’s been fun anyways! ❤

Mae said: I hope you have a good life!


And from Sakura: I love you all and know that you will only get better and better as Rangers as you move forward. I hope the team spirit never dies, and that the Renai Rangers will always be a fun group full of the winning spirit! ❤




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