Posted by: Renai Rangers | April 20, 2009

Special Announcement: AX Idol!!!

It was announced last week that Tsunku, the man behind Hello!Project, will be juding AX-Idol, the singing and voice-acting competition at Anime Expo! Because of this announcement, member Misa will be competing in the contest! Possibly other Renai Rangers too!

This is an amazing chance to meet and perform in front of Tsunku, so Misa and other members can’t pass it up! Please wish them luck and come out to support them during the contest!

The Renai Rangers will also be performing in the Pop Shock Masquerade, and have their fingers crossed that Tsunku or members of Morning Musume will catch this performance as well. This is truly an amazing opportunity for the Rangers, and JPop fans everywhere!!!

In related news, both Misa and Kitt, and former member Sakura, will be competing at the Ani-Idol (a similar singing contest) competition at A-Kon! Since this one is more local, please come and cheer them on!

Ganbatte!!!! Good luck girls!!!! ♥


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