Posted by: Renai Rangers | June 2, 2009

Renai Victory!!

Trophy 1Hello everyone! Sorry for the delays and lack of posts lately,but we’ll be back on track this week! Thank you for your patience and support! ♥

Anywhoo, the Renai Rangers are super-excited to announce that we competed in the JPop/JRock Cosplay Contest at A-Kon 20, performing “Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance” by Berryz Koubou, and we walked away with 1st place!! YAY!!!!!  All of are thrilled to have an award to our group’s name, and we promise to continue doing our best!

So next stop: Anime Expo ♥!!!



  1. Whoaaa, hey you guys ^^ I saw one of you at the A-kon… Um… Far Left on the top :3 I talked to you!
    I would sososo love to join you guys #.# Leave me an email at
    I’ll try to get a hold of you some other way but XDD I can’t promise anything? Thank you!~

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