Posted by: Renai Rangers | August 12, 2009

2nd Generation~Part 1!

As you all know, the Renai Rangers have started auditions for their 2nd generation! While auditions still aren’t over and we’re still hoping to add a few more girls to the Ranger family, initial response was overwhelming! We already have four amazing new girls and we can’t wait to start working with them, so we’ve decided to go ahead and announce them now!

So we’re super-happy to introduce the very first members of the 2nd generation of the Renai Rangers! We’ve included mini-profiles and a special message from each of them!


Stage Name: Ichigo
Favorite Groups: Utada Hikaru, S.H.E, Berryz Koubo, Morning Musume, Hinoi Team, Olivia

Hey guys! I’m looking forward to enjoying my time in this group, meeting and making lots of new friends. I’ll try my best and always be myself. I will not be a fake around anyone and I hope that our voices and energy can make everyone happy!!








Stage name: Sayuri
Age: 21 years old
Favorite Groups: Too many now. XD Morning Musume, DBSK, Phantasmagoria, and so much more.

Its been almost three years since I’ve gotten to sing in a group and I miss it so much! What a better way to do it than with my other passions, dancing and japanese culture!



Stage name: Envy (or Envykins, teehee)
Age: 20 and a half!
Favorite Group: Mini Moni, Epik High, and quite a few others

I’m still new to the whole Hello!Project and jpop-ness, since I’m more of a rock chick, but I’m having fun and can’t wait to dance with you all! I feel so new to everything, please be kind to me! ^_^




Stage name: Rith
Age: 16
Favorite Group: Buono!, Ali Project, DBSK, SNSD

Hello everyone! I’m so proud and excited to be a member of a group that I have admired and watched closely since the beginning. I can’t wait to show everyone my skills and work on the groups next big performance. Thank you everyone!




We hope all of you will love our newest members as much as we do! And remember: the 2nd Generation isn’t complete yet, so there’s still time to send in your auditions!



  1. WOOT! CANT WAIT!!! Love you all!!! (and thats a really old picture of me. XD)

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