Posted by: Renai Rangers | August 12, 2009

Hiatus, Update and Summer!Project!

Hello readers!!! ♥

We are very sorry for the lack of blog activity this summer! A lot has happened, and the Renai Rangers have been super-busy with group adventures and occurences.

Unfortunately, the group was unable to attend Anime Expo this year because of scheduling conflicts and regrettable circumstances. However, due to the success of the Morning Musume concert we all have high hopes for future Hello!Project concerts in the USA, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed! And the Rangers are already planning their trip to AX next year to avoid any mishaps similar to this year!

But that doesn’t mean we’ve slacked off this summer! We’ve been hard at work on our Summer!Project, a special shuffle-like release! The main part of Summer!Project 2009 is the dual release of “Piriri to Yukou” and “Rival!”, but there are more suprises in store so keep your eyes and ears open! Our Piriri and Rival PV’s are coming super-soon, so stay tuned!

So once again, we apologize for our online absene,but the Renai Rangers are still going strong and we promise to be more diligent with blog-keeping from now on! So please keep watching, because we have lots of fun and exciting announcements coming soon! Keep an especially close watch for new PV’s, a special announcement regarding our search for a 2nd generation, new subgroups, upcoming performances, and the return of Pocket Renai weekly blog questions! Also, our blog and website will be undergoing a serious makeover in the weeks to come, so look forward to that! 

Bai Q, and thank you all for your support! ♥ 


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