Posted by: Renai Rangers | October 1, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question!

As you may have noticed, we’re once again playing the catch-up game with blog questions! We’ve been hard at work on many projects recently, but we apologize for the lack of posts and promise to stay on the ball from now on! ❤

Today’s question: What’s something you like to eat that other people consider weird?


                                                                                                                                                                            BlogtempMisa copy



I like to eat potato chips in almost everything, particularly in ramen and nachos!! I also like burnt food, like burnt popcorn and burnt chips! And I love plain icing, which Osaka thinks is gross! XD

BlogtempOsaka copy




I won’t eat the fat off of bacon, so I only eat half of each strip!

BlogtempKitt copy




When I was little I liked to dip tortilla chips in chocolate sauce.

BlogtempMichelle copy




People tell me that my egg sandwiches with mayo are gross.

BlogtempEllen copy




Chips with lots and lots of Anderson Erikson french onion dip, which can only be found in Iowa!

BlogtempKaylin copy




I like Nutella and potato chips!

BlogtempSayuri copy




The weirdest food I’ve eaten….chocolate covered ants… me, it’s good! XD

BlogtempRith copy




SUSHI! Although a lot of people eat sushi, I love sea urchin sushi, eel, octopus, etc.  I love the weird sushi not California Rolls, well rolls in general. I’ll eat them if I have to but…eww!

BlogtempIchigo copy




French fries and mayonaisse!


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