Posted by: Renai Rangers | October 1, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question!

This week’s question: What’s your favorite memory from this summer?

BlogtempMisa copy




Ooh, this was an amazing summer so I have a lot! Mainly A-Kon 20, falling in love, Cinnamon Toast Munch, and smashing watermelon in my driveway! ❤

BlogtempOsaka copy





BlogtempKitt copy




Filming “Melodies” with Misa! XD

BlogtempMichelle copy




Hanging with all my friends and getting new cosplays done.

BlogtempEllen copy




I have a lot actually! Particularly from A-Kon and moving down to Fort Worth.

BlogtempKaylin copy




The Jonas Bros weekend with Kelly, mostly because of the Wonder Girls and spending time with her outside of a con.

BlogtempSayuri copy




My favorite memory from the summer is……I guess my 21st birthday party and getting to know all of you!

BlogtempRith copy




Aside from joining the Renai Rangers, I think my best memory would be helping my friend out with her beauty pageant. It was so much fun, even though people kept thinking I was the one in the pageant. ^^;;


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