Posted by: Renai Rangers | October 19, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question

This week’s question: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

BlogtempMisa copy




Stephanie from Lazy Town (SCARIEST SHOW EVAR!!!! O__O) for our Halloween-Eve Karaoke Party, and for trick or treating the next night probably Dr. Girlfriend from the Venture Bros!

BlogtempOsaka copy




A Decora girl!

BlogtempKitt copy




Sailor Luna

BlogtempKaylin copy




Probably lolita!

BlogtempRacheal copy




Since we won’t be doing Bra Force, I’m doing my fall-back costume of a Team Magma grunt from Pokemon.

BlogtempMichelle copy




I’m dressing up as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. With big boobs….I can do that!

BlogtempEllen copy




I finally decided I’m gonna be Bridget Marquardt from Playboy/The Girls Next Door. I make costumes for conventions all year round so when it comes to Halloween I get really lazy about a costume XD

BlogtempSayuri copy




Ummmmmmmmmmm……………….i dont know yet! XDDD probably my plant form Himeno…I wanna do my black ballgown for C.C. but it wont get done in time. XDD (havent started on it yet.)

BlogtempRith copy




I’m really not sure yet. Probably a Halloween themed Miku Hatsune since I just bought the wig.


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