Posted by: Renai Rangers | November 20, 2009

Yule Con 2009 Event Schedule!!

As promised, here’s a schedule for the events the Renai Rangers will be involved with at Yule Con 2009!!


+Japanese/Korean Dramas: 9-11pm–We’ll be showing and discussing your favorite Asian dramas!! Come tell us what YOU want to see and we’ll play it!

+Anime Dating Game: 10pm–Schedule permitting, some of the Rangers may be making an appearance at this popular convention event, which is a new twist on the classic 70’s game show the Dating Game!! Be prepared to show an ID though, because this event is 18+!


+Halftime Show: 7pm–This is the big event! The contest itself starts at 5, and the halftime show should be starting at 7! So please come out and support us! ♥

+Japanese Cult Cinema: 10pm-12:30–We’ll be showing some of the craziest and most outrageous movies Japan has to offer, so come join the party!


+Para Para/JPop Panel: 11am-Noon–We’ll be showing popular dance videos from Japan and Korea, talking about the music and dance styles, and maybe even learning some moves!

We’re all very excited about this convention and our first big performance, and we can’t wait to see you there! ♥


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