Posted by: Renai Rangers | December 13, 2009

Pocket Renai~Weekly Blog Question

This week’s question: What is your favorite place from your childhood?
     Misa-Said.jpg Misa Said picture by RenaiRangers
“Ooh, I had a lot of intersting places when I was little (of course! XD). But my absolute favorites would have to be either North Pole Village (this zazzy X-mas themed amusement park in Colorado) or the haunted church we used to have Girl Scouts in! I have lots of amazing memories of that place. I was weird even when I was younger……♥”
Kitten-Said.jpg Kitten Said picture by RenaiRangers 
    “I used to play in this little shed with a playground behind my grandparents house!”
Osaka-SaidLeader.jpg Osaka Said picture by RenaiRangers
    “Well, there used to be this park that we always went to that had ducks and stuff, but I don’t remember what it was called.”
Zonbi-Said.jpg Zombi Said picture by RenaiRangers
“The water park that I used to live down the street from when I was in the second grade. It was like my second home in the summer~ xD”
Rith-Said.jpg picture by RenaiRangers
“I don’t really have one to be honest. If I had to choose anything, it would probably be my imagination. To this day it’s still my favorite place”
Kaylin-Said.jpg Kaylin Said picture by RenaiRangers
   “The zoo!!”
Sayuri-Said.jpg Sayuri Said picture by RenaiRangers
   “To hang out? If so my best friends house, we would sing songs for hours and ‘battle’ each other out to see who was better. XD”



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