Posted by: Renai Rangers | September 9, 2010

Summer Concert Footage + Important Announcements!

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long gap between posts! We had a very busy summer! We performed 2 full shows, filmed several individual summer projects, and got ready for AnimeFest, where we performed in the cosplay contest and ran several panels!

We would also like to apologize for being so late in posting footage from A-Kon and Anime Daze! We realize that it’s terribly unprofessional to let videos hang in limbo for so many months, and we sincerely apologize! Now that things are sorted out and we have a new person in charge of video editing, things will run much more smoothly in the future!

We decided to do things a little differently this time, so instead of uploading a ton of videos for each show, we condensed them into nifty concert montages! So without further ado….

A-Kon Demo Space Concert

Anime Daze Concert

We had a great time at both of these events and we’re very grateful to the people in charge of each for allowing us to perform! We can’t wait to attend both again next year.

But now for a couple of member-related announcements! First generation member Michi has graduated from the group in order to focus on school and work. Michi performed with us in our appearance at A-Kon in 2009, and participated in many other projects as well! We wish Michi the best, and we all know that she’ll have great success in her career!  On the other hand, first generation member Kitt has been expelled from the group for rules violations, poor conduct, and being a terrible person in general. We apologize to any friends and supoprters of the group that have been negatively impacted by her behavior, and we assure you that we have washed our hands of this person entirely.  The Rangers are going on stronger than ever, despite all the drama that occurred this summer! We hope that you will continue to support us even as our lineup changes!

Thank you all for your continued support! We’re working hard on some exciting new projects, so expect some details soon! And stay tuned for videos of all the Summer!Projects, and footage of our skit at AnimeFest! ♥


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