Renai♥Rangers is a cosplay group that covers Asian music, primarily JPop, and primarily Hello!Project. As a group, we will do our best to recreate the We’re dedicated to putting on quality shows at conventions and festivals, as well as producing singles, photobooks and PV’s online. We want to be the best group we can, and be a positive representation of the artists we’re covering, but we also approach our material with a sense of humor, optimism and energy. Above all, cosplay and music should be fun, and that’s serious business to us!

++++Renai Ranger Member List++++

+First Generation+
+Second Generation+
+Third Generation+




  1. ~poke~

    :3 I should like…photoshop myself in that picture XD

    ~will never forgive her parents for not letting her go to the festival D:~

  2. I should too Kaylin ^_^

  3. Hi Misa! hey can you sent the link to join to my email: zetsumei_7@yahoo.com i have acsess to this site and that email @ school my comp at home is messed up. so i havent been able to join yet. but if you can send me the link you sent me on face book that would be great! i can finaly join! ~Cloud

  4. You guys are an interesting group! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much! ❤ And we'll definitely keep working, and hopefully it will be good!! XD

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